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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Facebook: Friend or Foe

It really doesn't matter where you are at, someone has an opinion about Facebook. People like it, others think it is the devil works. Teachers seem irked when students are not paying attention to them and are scrolling thru status reports. Grandparents, friends and old flames are now all connected. What a world we live in! I am amazed by it all. I don't have to write letters that my recipient can't read because of my poor handwriting skills. I used to be able to write legibly but somewhere about 15 years or so, give or take, my skill left me. I can't print, it takes too long. And my brain forgets the words the moment I write it down so I must go faster but the fingers won't go faster so it starts to blend together. I find myself posting all kinds of pictures to facebook. As soon as I snap I post. It's called Immediate photo gratification for me. I read on someone's post today they apologized for posting all their sorority pictures. Why I don't put a disclaimer on my kitten shots, my sunset shots or even my old family photo shots. If you are my friend you get what you get from me. So for me the whole For or Against Facebook is pretty simple-it's been a wonderful connection tool. A little self control is probably a good thing to have but I will never know what that is like. Keep enjoying all my crazy family photos and sunset shots. Who knows when my next race will be but for sure I will have some self indulgent photo uploaded as quickly as possible. -Angie

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